I come from a family of teachers, and teaching was my first vocational love.  In the 1960’s educators believed (and I still do) that individual facts are less important than general concepts, and that understanding how various concepts relate to each other is the key to success.  I am here to help you learn about the construction process, about understanding plans and payment schedules, about contracts and conflicts, about the various players who will design and build for you.  I will be a success when you can see how they all relate to each other.
My construction experience began in 1981 when an alarmingly naïve friend of mine who lived in Colorado told me that he suspected that something was wrong with the spec house he was having built in Sherman Oaks, California.  Well, yes, there was something wrong, many somethings.  The house had one bedroom, 4 ½ bathrooms, no kitchen, literally pounds of mold, and a large quantity of bright red tags from the Department of Building and Safety.  What an interesting project it was for a novice, and fortunately an experience  with a happy conclusion. 

Since that little triumph I have enjoyed and remained steadily involved in various aspects of the industry.  The past 25 years have included growing a small construction company to medium sized, reorganizing a distressed company and leaving it solvent, managing various projects for a Westside developer, and site supervision on numerous high quality residences.  I have learned that construction is not the simple business I had imagined; and I have watched those who do not believe it suffer unnecessarily. 

My purpose is to help you avoid some of construction's pitfalls. So listen to the audio files, print the outlines, and, if you live in the Los Angeles area, please contact me for personalized consulting on your specific needs.

Will You Get What You Pay For.mp3 What Will Your Architect Do.mp3 Your General Contractor.mp3 Construction Contract Basics.mp3

I hope that you enjoyed listening to these brief summaries and found them helpful.  On the services page you will find links to print and keep for reference.